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JANUARY 8, 2014 02:00 PM EST When we talk about the impact of BYOD and BYOA and the Internet of Things, we often focus on the impact on data center architectures. That's because there will be an increasing need for authentication, for access control, for security, for application delivery as the number of potential endpoints (clients, devices, things) increases. That means scale in the data center. What we gloss over, what we skip, is that before any of these "things" ever makes a request to access an application it had to execute a DNS query. Every. Single. Thing. Maybe that's because we assume DNS can handle the load. So far it's done well. You rarely, if ever, hear of disruptions or outages due directly to the execution of DNS. Oh, there has been some issues with misconfiguration of DNS and of exploitation of DNS (hijacking, illicit use in reflection attacks, et... (more)

F5 BIG-IP Solutions Integrated with VMware vCenter Server

F5 Networks, Inc., a provider Application Delivery Networking (ADN), has announced integration between its BIG-IP solutions and VMware vSphere 4 and VMware vCenter Server, together creating a scalable and extensible platform that allows IT administrators to improve organizations' control over virtual environments. Working in concert, VMware vCenter Server and F5 BIG-IP solutions enable customers to dynamically provision application resources, reduce costs, and maximize the automation and agility of their IT infrastructures. "With F5 and VMware vSphere 4, we're able to provide a flexible service platform to support clients' IT and cloud initiatives," said Pat O'Day, CTO at BlueLock, a managed technology services company providing virtual cloud resources through an infrastructure-as-a-service model. "Our clients rely on automated service provisioning to increase effi... (more)

F5’s BIG-IP Edge Gateway Solution Provides Breakthrough Approach to Unifying and Optimizing Access to the Data Center

Details With this release, F5 continues to deliver on its vision of unifying its ADC solution set and redefining how customers implement, share, and cost-effectively extend their Application Delivery Network all the way to the client. With approximately five times the scaling capability and up to an eight times improvement in application performance, the BIG-IP Edge Gateway offers enterprises significant ROI at less than half the cost of alternative, disparate technologies. The new BIG-IP Edge Gateway enables customers to: Dramatically Reduce CapEx with Unified Services and Simplified Management The BIG-IP Edge Gateway solution simplifies device management by ensuring access across heterogeneous applications services, access networks, and data resources. With the free BIG-IP Edge Client™ solution—included with BIG-IP Edge Gateway—customers can combine acceleration, en... (more)

F5 Helps SEGA Reduce Data Management Costs by 66% with ARX File Virtualization Solution

F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV), the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, today announced that the SEGA Corporation has deployed the F5®ARX® solution to simplify their file management and archiving systems. In recent years, SEGA faced growing data management challenges with the increase of high-quality videos and multimedia files adding a significant burden to the file servers used by the company's nearly 4,000 employees. As a result, weekly backup operations took 40 hours to complete. SEGA began looking for ways to simplify the operation of its file servers and make its data management efforts more efficient. SEGA leveraged ARX's file virtualization solution to implement an automated storage tiering strategy. Storage tiering allows SEGA to flexibly allocate storage resources, archiving non-critical data on lower-cost, large capacity devices and freein... (more)

CSRF Prevention with F5's BIG-IP ASM v10.2

Watch how BIG-IP ASM v10.2 can prevent Cross-site request forgery.  Shlomi Narkolayev demonstrates how to accomplish a CSRF attack and then shows how BIG-IP ASM stops it in it’s tracks. The configuration of CSRF protection is literally a checkbox. ps Posted via web from psilva’s prophecies ... (more)

Live from Microsoft Tech Ed: Final Day

So I guess I’m on the even days plan here at Tech Ed, today being the fourth and final day of Tech Ed…  Yesterday I got the chance to walk around the exhibitor hall and take a look at the exciting offerings on the floor.  Microsoft had three very large sections with breakout booths for all their product offerings.  I stopped and chatted with a few experts in the Server 2008 R2 virtualization offerings, and watched a couple System Center demos as well.  Speaking of System Center, did you know F5 has a management pack for System Center?  I talked to several booth visitors yesterday who own System Center and F5 BIG-IP that had no idea…they left the booth pretty excited.  I also talked to some Exchange 2010 guys about the and they spoke very highly on our solution. Do you like free?  I walked by the NetWrix booth and 10 Free Tools for IT Professionals screamed out to m... (more)

The F5 Powered Cloud

F5 products and solutions enable organizations and cloud providers alike to build a strong infrastructure foundation that maximizes the use of resources while remaining agile enough to support both traditional and cloud computing architectures. The dynamic nature of F5 products enables organizations to build a cloud computing architecture that best suits their needs—whether the end goal is a public cloud offering or a private cloud implementation.  Running time: 28:30   Read full white paper here.   Download now or listen on posterous AudioWP_-_The_F5_Powered_Cloud.mp3 (31187 KB)   And click here for more F5 Audio ps twitter: @psilvas Technorati Tags: F5, infrastructure 2.0, integration, cloud connect, Pete Silva, security, business, education, technology, application delivery, intercloud, cloud, context-aware, infrastructure 2.0, automation, web, internet Poste... (more)

Unleashing the True Potential of On-Demand IT

F5’s dynamic control plane is a real-world embodiment of the dynamic services model. F5 solutions provide IT organizations the ability to grow beyond static data centers, manage movement and migration of their applications and data down the hall or around the world, support demanding and ever-increasing mobile users, offer centralized and consistent security enforcement and global, dynamic measurement of real-time application performance. With this approach, F5 customers are better equipped to mitigate the complexity and costs of the move toward cloud computing, enabling them to unleash the true potential of on-demand IT.  Running time: 26:55  Read full whitepaper here. Download now or listen on posterous AudioWP_-_Unleashing_the_True_Potential_of_On-Demand_IT.mp3 (25265 KB) And click here for more F5 Audio. ps twitter: @psilvas Technorati Tags: F5, infrastructure ... (more)

Given Enough Standards, Define Anarchy

If a given nation independently developed twelve or fourteen governmental systems that all sat side-by-side and attempted to cooperate but never inter-operate, then anarchy would result. Not necessarily overnight, but issues about who is responsible for what, where a given function is best handled, and more would spring up nearly every day. EVERY WHICH WAY… Welcome to storage networking. Over the years this field has grown more independent standards than WarCraft has users. Many of them were required for the times, hardware, connectivity, whatever. Others were required because a given vendor thought they were going to corner the market with this new thing… But there are many. And the storage market has matured. We all know how to use NAS, we’re all up on SAN, we are moving past these infrastructure elements and worrying more and more about what’s stored upon them an... (more)

Cloud Storage Gateways, Stairway to Heaven?

With thanks to Led Zeppelin for some great lyrics. There's a sign on the wall But she wants to be sure 'Cause you know sometimes words have Two meanings Since cloud computing has a bit of an identity crisis, and cloud storage is just starting to realize one itself, it should be no surprise to anyone that “cloud storage gateway” has more than one meaning. While they are  all a single market, implementation and deployment details make them very distinct products. In such a young market, differentiation is easy, even if selling your differentiation as a plus is not. Some vendors are already attempting to turn product differentiation into market segmentation – the upcoming Cirtas product, for example, is referred to by them as a “Cloud Storage Controller” because they believe that better defines their product, though they acknowledge that the market term “gateway” has tak... (more)

Will DevOps Fork?

An impassioned plea from a devops blogger and a reality check from a large enterprise highlight a growing problem with devops evolutions – not enough dev with the ops. John E. Vincent offered a lengthy blog on a subject near and dear to his heart recently: devops. His plea was not to be left behind as devops gains momentum and continues to barrel forward toward becoming a recognized IT discipline. The problem is that John, like many folks, works in an enterprise. An enterprise in which not only the existence of legacy and traditional solutions require a bit more ingenuity to integrate but in which the imposition of regulations breaks the devops ability to rely solely on script-based solutions to automate operations. The whole point of this long-winded post is to say "Don't write us off". We know. You're preaching to the choir. It takes baby steps and we have to p... (more)